Far Out Event: Clearfork Music Fest

If you don’t already have plans for the upcoming Labor Day weekend, we highly recommend and encourage you to check out the Clearfork Music Fest on Saturday, August 30th from 11am – 11:30pm. They’ll have 23 bands playing on three different stages throughout the day, and will have plenty of craft breweries and tasty food vendors there to quench your thirst and satisfy just about any craving. For those of you who tend to crave big, juicy burgers, we’ve got you covered. Far Out Burger will be there offering two burgers to choose from – although we recommend double-fisting it and chowing down on both, preferably whilst rocking out to our fave featured band, the We’rewolves.

Saturday’s Far Out Burger selections will be the infamous Groovy Burger and a special Hatch Burger. The Groovy Burger  features a Far Out (that means house-made) patty topped with a slathering of caramelized onions, melty American cheese, and a Far Out ketchup/aioli, all stacked between a freshly baked Far Out bun. The Hatch Burger features a Far Out patty topped with Swiss cheese, roasted Hatch chiles and diced mango, crispy bacon, and a Far Out basil pesto in between our delectable Far Out bun.

We’ll also have a few Far Out t-shirts to sell at this event – don’t miss your chance to snatch one of these and look as awesome as we do. See you there!

The Hatch Burger
The Hatch Burger

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